Even more support in Phase 3 of the SME Instrument

Support from the SME Instrument doesn’t only mean financial aid (even though it’s an important part). Beneficiaries can accelerate their growth thanks to additional business acceleration services: handpicked coaching and workshops, online learning centre, free event tickets, networking and access to business partners and investors. Check out how you can benefit from this.

More than grants

Probably you are aware that in Phase 3 (the so-called Business Acceleration Services) support is provided facilitating access to venture capital/other EU financial instruments, innovation support and coaching. Recently the European Commission decided to develop non-financial support even further with more learning opportunities, networking options and broader access to business partners and investors.

Services are exclusively for companies funded under the SME Instrument Phase1 and/or Phase 2. Companies can benefit from it during and after the project.

New services in detail

Matchmaking events

Participation in dedicated events with carefully selected world-leading companies, corporates and procurers, as distributors, clients or suppliers. Beneficiaries can also access top European trade fairs and conferences. You can check events in the Business Acceleration Services Calendar here.

Privileged access to finance

Phase 3 provides access to venture-capital programs, invitations to exclusive investor gatherings and other financing opportunities.

Learning Academy

The EC organises physical and virtual learning events to inspire exchange among beneficiaries and stakeholders. Most of the events are based on peer-to-peer (P2P) learning.

Additional services

Being a beneficiary of the SME Instrument offers even more growth opportunities. SMEs can benefit from already running services like:

Business Innovation Coaching

The SME Instrument provides 3 days of Business Innovation Coaching in Phase 1 and 12 days in Phase 2. Coaching helps progress the innovation lifecycle to develop the company strategy, identify the target markets and attract investors.

Overseas Trade Fair Programme

The SME Instrument also offers the opportunity to participate in one of the international trade fairs organised in 11 countries outside the European Union.

How to participate?

Events and services will be picked and matched to each SME’s individual needs by external agencies in close cooperation with Key Account Managers through the Enterprise Europe Network. The services will be offered as free support. The beneficiaries may be contacted directly by the following companies (list subject to change):

  • EurAG, Germany
  • Platinn, Switzerland
  • YTKO Group, United Kingdom
  • CatCap, Germany
  • The Oval Office, Belgium
  • JIC, Czech Republic

Still having questions or doubts? 

You can contact the helpdesk dedicated for participants:

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