The European Commission has published statistics for the June 2016, SME Instrument Phase 2 cut-off.

The latest call for proposals registered a record number of submissions – 1189.  The most popular topic was again ODI (259 applications). It came ahead of consistently popular Energy (152 applications) and Transport (137 applications).

EC top priorities: ICT, Transport and Energy

The highest number of funded applications (according to the projections provided by the European Commission) will be the in ODI-ICT (about 9 projects), Transport (8-9 projects) and Energy (7 projects). In contrast, Space, Biotech, Blue Growth and Business Innovation Topics are all expected to receive funding only for 1-2 projects.

The highest success rate for Blue Growth

The overall projected success rate for the June 2016 cut-off is at 4%. This is in line with the historical trends. Statistically, the most likely topic to be funded is Blue Growth, with a projected success rate of up to 10%. In contrast, topics with the lowest expected success rate for applications of roughly 3% are: ODI, ICT in Health and Business Innovation.

Submissions comparison

Statistics of Phase 2 of the SME Instrument (Horizon 2020 Programme) indicate a steady growth of submissions. It is increasing from 580 proposals submitted in October 2014 to 1189 in June 2016. Consequently, based on the projected budget, the number of financed proposals per year is growing. However, not in the same proportion as the applications’ number. It implies a steady decline of the success rate, with one anomaly in February of 2016. That month the % increased from 3% in the previous call to 8% in February.

For the February cut-off, the EU did not to provide the results of the previous call’s Phase 2 proposals, eliminating re-submissions. Hence, we can assume that there are about 400 re-submissions per call.