5 reasons to apply for SME Instrument funding

As part of the Horizon 2020 program, the SME Instrument finances highly innovative projects by small and medium-sized enterprises with significant growth potential. The Instrument helps turn game-changing ideas into market reality.

Despite the tough competition and relatively low success rate, around two thousands of proposals are submitted in every call. So what makes the SME Instrument so attractive and how can it help your company?

1. Non-equity funding

Let’s face it, most companies are attracted to the generous funding opportunities (up to €2.5M per project). But the SME Instrument provides something even more exciting: equity-free funding. Meaning you do not need to return the money or transfer shares in your company. Innovation without dilution.

2. Fast decisions and simple procedures

The application process and project management procedures are relatively simple compared to other programs. SMEs appreciate the clear criteria, simplified application process and fast results. The results are often published within a month, allowing faster access to funding.

3. Attracts investors

Getting funded by the SME Instrument means being in the top league of innovative SMEs. The programme is very prestigious and a clear sign to investors that if the European Commission decided to invest in the project, there is a good chance that it will achieve commercial success. For many companies, winning a grant from the SME Instrument is a real turning point. It means a validation of their idea and business capability which attracts new investors and allows for faster development.

4. Gives you credibility

The SME Instrument provides your company with credibility. The prestige of the program, its strict verification and screening process, financial and coaching support make beneficiaries more reliable and trustworthy in the market’s eyes.

5. Free coaching and networking opportunities

The program offers business support and coaching so you can grow faster and stronger. Thanks to the SME Instrument you can take advantage of free sessions with experienced coaches and attend matching events, interactive academy sessions, European trade fairs, conferences and many other activities to boost your company’s growth.

If you have a disruptive project and work hard, winning a grant is possible.

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