Half of the Polish SMEs with Most Horizon 2020 Funding…

… are our clients! 🙂

This week started with some very good news. The Polish National Contact Point published a list of “TOP 10 Polish SMEs successfully funded in Horizon 2020” in its Bulletin (July edition). 5 of the top 10 SMEs with most Horizon 2020 funding in Poland are Zafiro clients. Even more – all five awarded within Phase 2 of the SME Instrument programme for the most innovative European companies.

Horizon 2020 Most funded Poland

Source: KPK – Bulletin No.2

Knowing how hard our clients and us worked for it, it is simply nice to see the projects noticed and supported.

The H2020 SME Instrument is a highly competitive, EU-wide selection process. So, we hope that the great results of Polish SMEs will bring more focus to this programme. In Poland, many companies have heard about the SME Instrument. They even submitted proposals with results getting better and better. Media and public interest, however, is very limited.

The SMEI aims to speed up the introduction of innovative projects to the market. So, why should the general public care about this? Firstly, the grant money is public so it’s always good to know what is supported with it. Moreover, these innovation projects can really make a difference in our everyday life. Finally, they can revolutionising medicine or technology and creating new workplaces.

Congrats to all SMEs and keep up the good work!

If you want to read the rest of the Bulletin: