What Kind of Support Can You Get from the NCPs?

NCP stands for the National Contact Point. It will help you with the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument whether you have doubts regarding writing proposal or other matters.

NCPs are national structures established and financed by the 28 EU member states and other states associated to Horizon 2020. You can find NCPs in every country therefore they give personalised support in the local language. Also, it is worth mentioning that their support is free of charge.

Experienced staff at the NCP will:

  • Guide you in choosing the best H2020 programme for your needs,
  • Advise on administrative procedures and contractual issues,
  • Help you understand the SME Instrument,
  • Answer questions or doubts regarding the programme,
  • Provide support with proposal writing,
  • Provide documentation (forms, guidelines, manuals etc.),
  • Assist in partner search.

Support in proposal writing

You can count on your NCP to read through your application. Furthermore, it’ll provide insights and recommendations on what you can improved, changed or amended to increase your chances of funding.

Just remember the NCP is not there to write proposals for SME Instrument, but rather to provide feedback and guidance.

Find your local NCP

You can find contact details to your local NCP here