What to Remember When Hiring an SME Instrument Expert?

  1. Always ask for credentials from earlier work within the SME Instrument

Even if someone has written successful applications in a different programme, it does not mean he will be able to do the same in the SME Instrument, as the requirements for programmes differ.


  1. Ask about their success with applications under the SME Instrument

You want to know that you are receiving help from someone who has won the SMEI before so with their assist you can put forth best possible application without wasting your time and money.


  1. Sign an NDA, before you reveal any information about your technology

It is all about unique innovation in the SME Instrument, so protecting your ideas is crucial.


  1. Sign a contract

And specify exactly what, when and by whom will be done. Signing a contract will give both parties clear vision about their responsibilities.


  1. If somebody promises that will write an application without your contribution… run away!

To produce a potentially successful application, there must be a very close collaboration between the company and the expert. After all, you know your project best.