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The SME Instrument offers €1.6 billion funding in 2018–2020

The SME Instrument (part of Horizon 2020) supports the most innovative European SMEs. Zafiro Solutions helps companies to get funding for innovative tech projects from the SME Instrument. We work with the most innovative companies in Europe in a wide range of sectors including transportation, space, medical innovation and fintech.

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The Next Phase 2 Cut-off Date

2020/03/18 17:00:00


At Zafiro, we offer support at every stage of the application process from the complex evaluation of the concept and funding possibilities to partner search, budgeting, Phase 2 of the SME Instrument proposal writing, Grant Agreement preparation and project management.
Each stage requires close and honest cooperation to guarantee a successful outcome.

Pre-writing Analysis

Before we start writing the proposal we need to get to know you better. We conduct deep and complex project analysis to assure that the SME Instrument (Horizon 2020) is the right programme for you.

Concept and funding possibilities

We assess if your project is a good fit for the SME Instrument, meets formal requirements and has a chance for a grant.

Innovation and market potential

We check if the project solves a particular problem and if there is real market demand for the solution. Innovation should survive on the market and generate revenue.

Technological feasibility

We will determine the technology readiness level (TRL) of your project. To take part in the SME Instrument, your innovation needs to be TRL 6 or higher.

Analysis of the company

The European Commission wants to invest in reliable and stable companies that will stay in the market and be successful after the project ends.

SME Instrument Proposal Writing

While writing Phase 2 proposals we focus on factors that will increase your chances of winning a grant. We also support preparation of all the paperwork that goes with the proposal. We will keep you updated with all the news and changes in the SME Instrument and Horizon 2020.


We share with you our knowledge regarding the SME Instrument and best practices. We educate about the programme.


We will support you in preparing a well-planned budget, which is essential to increase your chances of getting a grant.

Proposal evaluation

Have you submitted a proposal on your own without success? We will help you rewrite it to increase your chances.

Work plan

We will support you in creating a reasonable work plan which is a key factor in the evaluation process and project execution.

Project Management

All the paperwork, general preparation, contact with the EC reporting can take a lot of time and cause bottlenecks in the project. We will ensure that you are on track and well prepared for the deadlines and reporting.

We will guide you through the Grant Agreement signature to speed up the process. We will make sure you fulfil all the legal and administrative requirements from the EC within the deadlines. You will get our support in the communication process which is crucial in the SME Instrument Phase 2 execution.

Benefits For You


We make things simple. From the EC rules to our processes, proposal writing and management, our priority is that you easily understand everything.


We know what a competitive project looks like. That’s why our clients keep winning grants in Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the SME Instrument (H2020).

Peace of mind

You focus on your innovation, we take care of everything else, keeping you updated with all requirements and deadlines.

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About us

We help highly innovative projects get funding from the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument. We understand the complexity of the programme and how to apply European Commission rules to your innovation. We love our work and put a bit of ourselves into every idea to deliver great services and results.

We know how to succeed

Over 70 SME Instrument projects funded with the help of our specialists.

We have the experience

We derive our know-how from 20 years of experience in helping SMEs from various countries to get funds from the European Union.

We are here to help

Our aim is to increase your chances for success in the SME Instrument. We make EU guidelines easy to understand and follow.

We are believers

If we decide to work together, you will have our full support. We believe in you and will help you achieve great things, as the SME Instrument is just the beginning of your success.

Others about us

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